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1.Report: Jadeveon Clowney talks 'not acti... (Rotoworld) The Houston Chronicle reports long-term talks with unsigned franchise player Jadeveon Clowney are "not active." Analysis: It sounds like there is little shot the sides reach a multi-year agreement before the July 15 deadline. If that's the case, league sources tell the Chronicle that Clowney will likely hold out into training camp. That has been common in recent years amongst franchise players who do not get long-term agreements. It doesn't sound like Clowney is considering going the Le'Veon Bell route and holding out of regular season games.5 days
2.Jadeveon Clowney: To sit out minicamp (RotoWire) Clowney has yet to sign his franchise tag and is not expected to attend the Texans' minicamp, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Analysis: Houston's mandatory minicamp begins June 11, so unless Clowney's contract situation resolves overnight it's likely he won't be in attendance. The deadline for the two sides to come to an agreement is July 15, but it remains to be seen how long the 26-year-old intends to remain apart from the team. The pass rusher notched 47 tackles and nine sacks in 15 games last season.6 days
3.Clowney not expected to attend HOU minca... (Rotoworld) ESPN's Adam Schefter reports unsigned Texans franchise player Jadeveon Clowney will not attend mandatory minicamp. Analysis: It's standard procedure for an unsigned franchise player. Since he is not under contract, Clowney will not be subject to fines. The Texans have not seemed particularly inclined to give 26-year-old Clowney a multi-year deal, which is hardly surprising considering his injury history.6 days